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Thinking Of Buying? 6 Questions You Should Ask Before You Buy Your Home.



Buyers: 3 tips on winning the home that’s perfect for you!


1)   Get Pre-Approved. 
Yes this may sound simple, but I’ve seen so many people try to skip this step and wind up so disappointed because they missed the home (or two) that they wanted. Pre-Approvals are so valuable in making your offer stand out and in selecting the home that “fits” your type of financing.

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2)    Be Prepared to Act. 
One of my favorite lyrics is “whether or not you do decide…you still have made a choice!” (Thanks Neal Pert) Work with an agent who educates you on the market, what homes there are out there, how the process works and what to expect. When you do it takes the mystery out of the process.

3)    Interest Rates jumped quite a bit last week.
As an industry we hope that will come back down….however, we can’t reasonable predict they will, or that if it happens that it will last for long. As a buyer it’s important to have all the pieces lined up so you can still capitalize on great rates and prices, before they continue to go up.

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